Chicago World Cup 2014 Qualified Countries

Congratulations to Argentina and Netherlands in winning the qualifiers on June 29th and August 10th. Argentina and Netherlands advance to the 2014 Chicago World Cup Finals next year. Also joining them will be the runners up of each tournament Poland and USA. Congratulations to all 4 teams on advancing. We will also like to thank all the teams that played in the tournament. Stay tuned for the next qulifier next year for another chance to make it to the Chicago World Cup Final!

Road To Chicago World Cup Festival

We are only a year away from the 2014 Brazil World Cup and there is no better time than now to start getting into the World Cup Fever! This year we will be hosting two Qualifier Tournaments with the finalist for each tournament clinching a spot for the Chicago World Cup Finals in 2014.

Soccer our way of life...

Since 2006 the Chicago World Cup has organized soccer tournaments, festivals and special events such as the major FIFA World Cup celebrations in Chicago Daley Plaza, Montrose and Soldier Field, gathering more than 25,000 spectators over a month of "Celebrate Africa" events in 2010. contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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